Premium Portable Laptop Stand

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Reading this from your Laptop?

How comfortable are you right now?

Introducing The World's Most Compact Laptop Stand

Improves Posture and Prevents Back Pain

Working on a laptop all day can be bad for your back and neck as it's not a natural way to sit. With RIGYSTAND™, you can easily raise your laptop height to get the most comfortable viewing position to prevent back, neck, and wrist pain.

Compact, Lightweight & Ultraportable

Catch up on your emails, social media events or work from anywhere in comfort with the RIGYSTAND™. This convenient, compact stand has a very minimal profile when not in use. It's thinner and more ergonomic than any traditional laptop stand on the market. Just flip it open when you're using your computer and fold it down when not in use.

Enables freedom to work anywhere

Todays work environment is more agile than ever before especially during this COVID pandemic giving you the freedom to work, study an play on your laptop anywhere. Used with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, gives you the freedom to create a truly mobile ergonomic workstation that is, for the first time, truly as portable as your laptop.

For Your Laptop & Your Health

Get today and use your laptop more ergonomically anywhere, anytime.

No more back pain, no more overheating!




Compatible with laptops up to 15.6 inches, RIGYSTAND™ has 6-level of height adjustments from 15 to 45 degrees. Depending on how you want your laptop to incline, it allows for any position you feel most comfortable with.

Built to Be Strong and Sturdy

Laptop stand was built with strong aluminum alloy and can even hold the heaviest of laptops. Its high grade aluminum frame has many added benefits.

✔ Naturally cools your laptop

✔ Thin and minimalistic design

✔ Built to last a long time


The open, raised design ensures unrestricted airflow from your laptop. This keeps your laptop from overheating even during high-performance usage like gaming.


An ultra portable laptop stand for your active lifestyle

Get this stand today and use your laptop more ergonomically anywhere, anytime.

No more back pain, no more overheating!


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