Inflatable Travel Pillow

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    Aren't there a few days or when traveling we just want to catch some Z's? Unfortunately, a few of us cannot of getting even a little sleep, in environments that aren't comfy. But what if we bring you the craziest solution? Yes, you can sleep anywhere! Nope! You can't take your cozy bed everywhere when you're traveling,  but the Sleepy Pillow will help you drift off to deep, comfortable sleep wherever you are. Whether you're on a plane with a few hours available to get good sleep, or on a lunch break in desperate need of resting your eyes for a few minutes, this pillow encloses your entire head, giving you a sense of privacy and cushioning at every angle. 

    • Made of buttery soft material for the ultimate comfort.
    • Designed for a natural and ergonomic sleeping position to support your upper body and helps to eliminate stiff neck and sore shoulders. 
    • Use it on the airplane, train, car, bus, camping, office, and home or anywhere you need a deep, restful snooze.
    •  Includes a compact travel carry bag that's lightweight and portable.
    • Easy to use - Simply open the valve to inflate Pillow within seconds.


    • Material: TPU
    • Size: 43 x 31 x 34 cm
    • Net weight: 200g

    Package includes: 1 x inflatable travel pillow

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