Colorpods Pro

Rs. 1,990 Rs. 4,990

Colorpods Pro wireless earphones connect immediately to your iPhone, Android Phones, Apple Watch, iPod, Laptop & Tablets and sound switches seamlessly between your devices.WANT FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT?

Indulge yourself in your favorite activities without worrying about the rest: weight training, dancing and any other hobby that requires travel. No more too short wires that get tangled, headphones that fall out.

No need to carry your phone everywhere with you… Whatever happens, with the Colorpods Pro, the sound stays hanging in your ears.


Switch to the next generation of wireless headphones! The sound quality of the Colorpods Pro finally gives your favorite tracks the opportunity to perform at their best.

Experience the power of bass and the perfect balance of midrange and treble. For maximum comfort and a perfect fit of the headphones, the tips have been designed in silicone, a healthy and non-irritating material.

  • Support Rename function
  • Open the lid, and take out the earbuds to connected (pop up window).
  • Smart touch control
  • Could be used separately or together
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and Binaural call
  • Auto power on and power off
  • Hifi stereo and 8D bass,
  • Truly best sound quality and response time.
  • Caller number, last code callback, full intelligent English tone prompts, power on, pairing, power off and off the phone, etc.
  • Previous song, Next song. The newest pop up function will work when connect with iOS
  • 3 or above, please make sure that you have updated your iOS system.


    If you love to play video games from your mobile phone, the Colorpods Pro headphones are for you. Thanks to their powerful technology, the latency time is so short that you don't even notice it.

    Image and sound are perfectly coordinated for a perfect gaming experience and immersion.


    Want to listen to your playlist whenever you want, without constraints? With Colorpods Pro, you no longer need to wait for charging time without music.

    Activate the single earphone mode : the sound passes entirely to one side. During this time, charge the other earphone. No more music failure in the middle of a sport session!


    To make your life easier, the Colorpods Pro headphones can be installed in a few seconds on your bluetooth-equipped phone.

    The first connection only takes a few seconds: a window appears on your screen in order to pair your devices. Subsequently, the start- up is instantaneous.

    Package Includes:

    •      1x My Color Pods® Black Pro
    •      1x Charging Case
    •      1x Lighting Cable
    •      1x Instructions Manual 

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