pH Alkaline Filter Water Bottle

Rs. 590 Rs. 1,190

What are the benefits of Drinking Alkaline H2O?

Immediate benefits

Reduces Acidity: Reduces body acids and balances body pH
Superior Hydration: Hydrates you faster and keeps you hydrated for a longer period of time

Replenishes your energy: The 70+ Natural Minerals reload the minerals in your body.

Long Term Benefits (On Continuous Consumption)

Boosts Immunity: High pH and 70+ Natural Minerals in the water helps to boost your immunity

Detoxification: Continuously flushes out toxins from the body

Boosts Metabolism: Alkaline water helps in enhanced digestion as it reduces acidity in the gut, thereby boosting your metabolism and assists in burning more calories and fat. Helping you in burning body fat and keeping you energetic all through the day.
Heightened Alertness: High pH and 70+ Natural Minerals keeps you active and alert all throughout the day from the daily work stress.
Enhances Endurance: Superior hydration helps you get that extra endurance that keeps you going longer.

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